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Our founding principles help to guide our long-term success.

We feel strongly in helping the communities where we have assets, providing affordable housing options, following through with reliable and unmatched resident services, maintaining safe and family-friendly housing, and abiding by own disciplined acquisition hurdles. While we can go on about our core principles, we would not be a promising Company without our unparalleled integrity.

Our Principles

PRINCIPLE -- Community

Our focus is to enter universities and submarkets where there is a clear and present opportunity to improve the livelihood of our residents and the immediate surrounding community.

PRINCIPLE -- Affordability

In a world of rising inflation, with little or no wage growth, and continually increasing tuition and books costs, we target opportunities that offer affordable and accessible living sustainable at median household income levels.

PRINCIPLE -- Reliability

Safety and affordability can go a long way to help our residents, but the customer service and reliability of our property management partners helps us to differentiate our service offerings and provide an exceptional experience for our residents.


In all of our student housing and multifamily properties, we strive to provide the safest communities for our resident students and families by building partnerships with the local municipalities.

PRINCIPLE -- Discipline

As the United States has exhibited unparalleled growth over the last ten years, we seek to find recessionary-proof opportunities marketable to middle-class residents.

PRINCIPLE -- Integrity

We put the satisfaction of our investors and residents before our own because without our equity partners and our residents, we could not keeping building our portfolio and helping out communities in need.