Brookes Investment Group, founded in 2018, is a boutique commercial real estate investment company focused on deploying long-term capital in student housing and multifamily projects to increase living affordability in submarkets of secondary and tertiary metropolitan areas throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern, and Midwestern United States.

BROOKES | Building with Our Partners

Creating a Strategic Vision

Founded in 2018, Brookes Investment Group has a clear and strategic vision for the future of commercial real estate investing through the targeting of dynamic submarkets, property selection, acquisition process, investor relations, and asset management.

Our Investors

Paramount to the success at Brookes has been our longstanding private investor, family office and private equity relationships. We make the investment experience easy for our investors, first by seeking opportunities with our investment hurdles and then only selecting investment projects that are most suitable for our investors.

Our Assets

Brookes’ assets are bought with the long-term in mind beginning even before acquisition. As we try to shape our assets around communities, we want to be viewed as a trusted, long-term owner for all residents and environments. We make sure all multifamily asset offerings are attuned to the millennial generation and our student housing offers abreast of the preferences of Gen-Z.

Our Partners

We seek to partner with small and middle market private equity firms, private investors, and family offices to fund our deals. We can always find synergies to pair with our expertise across deal sourcing, sponsorship and asset management, for more information please contact info@brookesinvest.com.


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